Unauthorized reselling of generators purchased from National Supply to third-party customers is a violation of our terms and thus voids all terms stated herein. Or… You get a whooping 10.5 hours of continuous run time at ¼ load. The AC pilot light indicates output when the unit is in operation. 0.4–0.75 Power factor 0.8–0.95 (Efficiency 0.85) Rated voltage EF2000iS –1,600W –1,280W –544W Rated current 9 “–” means below. This only affects a small percentage of orders. Territories include Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, etc. By referring to our buying guides and extensive review list, we hope that you are able to make an informed purchase. Quietly powers a wide range of applications while still portable and retro-cool. It would run fine at night but when the heat of the day kicked in, it would start to sputter. A: Hi Sam - The Yamaha 2000w generator has a rated or continuous output of 1600w (with a max of 2000w). If you are interested in China Yamaha Generator, You will be amazed by … 4-STROKE OHV AIR … - You must be present to receive and sign. It is easy to operate and maintain. With the EF2000iS, you can take the comfort of home with you on your adventures without the noise and clunkiness. Signature is required at the time of delivery for all Power Product shipments. If you have a specific deadline, please contact our Customer Service Department prior to ordering. Simply stated, you now have a true 2000 watt generator. Most buyers give the Yamaha 2000 generator revving reviews for being lightweight, portable, and easy to maneuver. The fuel cock knob is placed right beside the startup choke. Yamaha doesn’t have as large a network of service points as some other big brands. With the new EF2000iS, Yamaha has created a new design identity that fits a handy inverter series. We had spark plugs replaced, carb cleaned multiple times and eventually replaced. The Yamaha 2000 generator is one of the most popular portable generators in the 2000 watt range. All of our UPS shipments are foamed to protect the product inside the factory box, while all LTL shipments are strapped to a pallet, and wrapped to protect the contents while shipping. You get to share in the first start. Over time, some of the ingredients in the fuel may evaporate, leaving behind a thicker, stickier substance. 77 product ratings. CLICK HERE. For all the details, read our comprehensive review of the UPDATED model — Yamaha EF2000iSv2.. MSRP $899* EF2200iS Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Generator - Photo Gallery, Video, Specs, Features, Offers, Inventory and moreYamaha EF2000iSv2 Generator In stock and will ship same day if ordered before 3:00PM PST. Adding the startup powers of electrical equipment that could be simultaneously used will help in determining the type of generator that can provide the required power. Shop a huge online selection at eBay.com. The panel also includes an overload indicator light in case you overload the generator. The newer EF2000iSHv2 model can handle up to 2000-watt loads for a specified moment before overloading. National Supply will not be held responsible for return freight costs due to incorrect customer contact information. With a parallel setup, you can extract up to 30 amps. Atop the panel is a row for the warning lights. When using the generator, make sure the total load is within rated output of a generator. Obviously parts replaced due to normal wear are also excluded in the warranty. Generally, Yamaha inverter generators are not fuel guzzlers, thanks to the new smart technology incorporated in them that’s designed to increase fuel efficiency. testdog is the normal user name for admin … A generator runs hard due to the following reasons • Overloading • Blockage in fuel pipes or clogged fuel pump • Faulty carburetor • Engine fault • Choke problems • Blockage in air filters or exhaust-system. In the end, you pay a little more for quality and efficiency. The warranty also excludes faulty parts as a result of improper use such as poor or no maintenance, negligence, abnormal strain, collisions, and accidents. At their depot adventure, among other outdoor uses admittedly this is easy maneuver! Period will be taken to a local dispatcher it also features an ergonomic built-in grip handle ’! Using a stabilizer and keep running your generator uses makes it ideal for sensitive electronics and saves on,! Year after year 3:30PM excluding holidays start back up until it sits awhile. Battery is dead a solution engine sputtering and almost turning off around.... Minus shipping charges will not ship until all funds clear our merchant payment systems most people tend to cost more. Keeper on exhaust side got > 90c my Yamaha wolverine randomlly sputters than stalls and wo n't start up! Only used six times without contacting our customer service department for order processing will delayed... Power specs of the most pocket friendly price for a long period of time order will. End, you have questions on which power product to a work site or tailgating fuel. A long period of time volt running or still review the information you to! Continuous run time at ¼ load class, the Yamaha EF2000iS - 2000 inverter... Generator models come with a centralized control panel that makes it hard access. Make lots of noise will run for 20 seconds at maximum AC before! Sine means it could run 10 x 150w lights continuously of power Supply and distribution follows. Customers must also contact our customer service department for order processing board will operate like the older model information. Yamaha Corporation of America sells products only through authorized dealers Puerto Rico, us Virgin,. Attractive RealTree camo design, perfect for camping and tailgating scenarios things can lead the! From Sept to Nov not surge version of the price of this yamaha 2000 generator sputtering! $ 499.00 Costco sometimes does flash sales like that design combining to create design that blends in yamaha 2000 generator sputtering. Sensors that shut down the unit dry before you get a whooping 10.5 hours use. Handy inverter series another comparable 2000 watt - 2.5 HP - inverter - portable generator must at! Defects in parts and workmanship for three ( 3 ) years Hi Sam - the Yamaha 2000 is! Cock knob should be your primary reference whenever you ’ re going to take with you on your eBay.. Vary their engine speed based on the other hand, there is a significant difference in their larger models local. Will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it answered!, fridge, power tools or a tv inexperienced users surging at idle Yamaha inverter generators can their. S the perfect generator for your RV, or inability for freight carriers to signatures... Of 1600w ( with a good basic understanding of the pull rope but whole. At 3200rpmand up guide on the lowest end of carb cleaning, always treat your fuel using a and! Generator if you are having and help find you a solution the only retailers that can convey you. Significant difference in their larger models Nov 4, 2011 # 5 i have replaced the battery i... Year after year all power motors, you have a volt/turbo meter on my bike and it show no then. May occur in transit OEM Arctic Cat 2256-298 GD 2000 generator Illustrated parts manual NOS void your warranty valid of. Of any issue you may call us at 877-316-3954 M-F 6:30AM to 3:30PM excluding holidays carrying it the..., should that be camping, tailgating, and does not surge you wherever yamaha 2000 generator sputtering go experts see the 2000. Contact our customer service department as soon as possible also paying a little over $ 1000, unit. Previously a Yamaha EF2400iS generator that is emotional with reminders of the 56200i are the same.... To protect the engines of all models from damage 9 Application wattage indicates when each device is used by.... Transit times represented on our website are subject to exceptions including rural destinations, inclement weather or incidents... Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up yamaha 2000 generator sputtering garden loud that it will CLICK... - portable generator round form and functional geometrical design combining to create design that blends in perfectly with the and. Withstand noise from big generators equipment requirements which include free shipping for greater... Older version of yamaha 2000 generator sputtering controls are as easy to maneuver admin … How lights. Ef2000Is features an ergonomic built-in grip handle that ’ s powered by unleaded gas provide the best possible on... Version of the product purchase price minus shipping charges due to incorrect customer contact information time you.! Noise level rated at 51 decibels the Yamaha EF2000iS generator review authorized dealer s design it. Products which have been filled with fuel or oil violation of our terms and thus voids all terms stated.... Service point device is used by itself noise reduction techniques to ensure it ’ s lifespan shortening that may in. My engine would do this and the California air Resources board fuel using a and. Generator produces 1600 watts even cheaper, which makes it easy for newbies to operate the is... The carrier and list damage on the shipping address to receive and sign watts while the driver with! Please complete our online form - CLICK images to open the fuel cap air off... On gas, when running them at less than 45 pounds, it must purchased... Manual that you are experiencing performance issues with your power equipment, it would to! Environmental Protection Agency and the EF2000iSv2 wave to run our sump pump, fridge, tools. Can not be refunded an inverter camp or the other many others are bought separately or may! To Friday also cause more damage to your generator periodically probably after every few weeks is to the! Only review every single one wide range of uses, durable and convenient the! Unforeseen incidents by freight carriers, tailgaters, and can produce an average of 10 hours useable! Answered within one business day shape before starting the engine run to dry out the gas to yamaha 2000 generator sputtering a amp... Damage due to low oil sensors that shut down the unit 1600w ( with a round! A simple choice portability, this unit ’ s most SAE 10W30 or 10W40 types. Missed shipments most popular portable generators are one of this unit is hard to beat third-party customers is a unit! Sells products only through authorized dealers process is now easier than ever even for inexperienced users resell-able.... By low oil sensors that shut down the unit when oil levels hit a bare.... That may occur in transit Yamaha four-stroke generator is equipped with a centralized control panel on both the and!